Inclusive Digital Safety

Empowering parents, carers, and professionals with tailored advice and insight to make meaningful interventions in children most likely to experience online risks, the advice hub is the first of it’s kind.

Recognising that online safety needs to be an integral part of children’s digital journey, these tailored resources can help shape the safety of all children online.

What you’ll find in the advice hub

Have a question to ask?

It is imperative that all professionals working with children can recognise, respond and resolve the issues that children encounter online.  This is particularly true when considering children with vulnerabilities.

If you are a professional with a concern or question to raise, visit the Inclusive Digital Safety professional online forum. You will be able to post your question and get feedback from other professionals who are part of the community.

Need help reporting an issue?

If you are concerned about a child that might be at risk of harm, there is a range of organisation that can offer you support. Visit our report issue page for support.

If the child is in immediate danger, we would urge you to contact the police for support.

Looking for the latest research?

Knowledge is key when it comes to ensuring all young people benefit from connected technology safely.

From our research, we know that children and young people already facing offline vulnerabilities, are more likely to face risk and harm online.

If you’d like to learn more about what risks children and young people may face online and how to intervene and support them visit our research and insight centre.

Want specific resources to support a child?

If you’d like to support a child or a young person on a particular area of their digital life, take a look at our recommended resources specifically chosen to support children with additional needs, disabilities, or certain lifestyles take may expose them to online risk.

In partnership with SWGfL

The advice hub has been created in collaboration with SWGfL who are a charity ensuring children benefit from technology, free from harm. They specialise in supporting schools, agencies, and families to affect lasting change with the safe and secure use of technology.

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