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Dealing with fake news

4th November 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Learn what conversations to have with your child if they have seen or spread fake news or misinformation online. You’ll also find ways to report it.

Connecting and sharing online – supporting care experience children

14th September 2020 by Internet Matters Team
As part of the Inclusive Digital Safety hub, find advice on how to safeguard care-experienced children and young people as they connect and share online.

Staying safe while browsing online – supporting care experience children

14th September 2020 by Adriana Nobre
To help children and young people with care experience to stay safe while browsing online, we have provided insight and advice to support them.

Connecting and sharing online – LGBTQ+ CYP

11th September 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Get advice and guidance to empower children who identify as LGBTQ+ to stay safe while connecting and sharing on social media and other platform.

Stop Speak Support advice for parents

19th May 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Help children use the new code and inspire change to stop cyberbullying with expert advice and practical tips.
Parent stories

Tech and online safety during lockdown by Adele Jennings

Internet Matters
11th May 2020 by Adele Jennings
Parent and Internet Matters blogger Adele Jennings, shares her experience of how her two children are spending their time online and also shares her thoughts about online safety for children.

Setting up the appropriate safety settings on social media

Internet Matters
16th April 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Here are some basic rules to follow when reviewing privacy settings on social media platforms to support young people.

Five Countries and tech firms agree groundbreaking principles to keep children safe online

5th March 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Five Country partners have launched a set of Voluntary Principles for how tech firms can keep children and young people safe online.

Online Dating – The Risks For Teens

20th February 2020 by Rachel Simoyan
We explore the dangers of teens and online romantic relationships and what you and your teen should look out for.

New Ofcom Report Suggests Parents’ Rising Concern Over Children Online

Internet Matters, Ofcom
4th February 2020 by Internet Matters Team
More parents than ever feel children’s online use now carries more risks than benefits, according to Ofcom’s latest annual study of children’s media and online lives.

Smart Speakers set up safe guide

25th November 2019 by Internet Matters Team
Smart speakers can be a great tool to help children get the best out connected techonology, see tips on top devices and how best to use them.

Resources to manage data and privacy

17th October 2019 by ghislaine
To find out more about protecting your child’s privacy online we've recommended guides and resources that will offer you further support.

Deal with privacy and child ID theft

17th October 2019 by Internet Matters Team
If you are concerned that your child has had their identity stolen, find support on how to deal with it and prevent it happening in the future.
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