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Is Snapchat safe: A how to guide for parents | Internet Matters. Our step-by-step guide outlines how to ensure your child snaps safely.
Parental controls
Snapchat Parental Controls | Internet Matters. Is Snapchat safe and tips to keep children safe while using the platform. Social media.
What age can my child start social networking? | Internet Matters. Find out the age limit for social media apps including Instagram, Facebook and more.
Protect children from online grooming | Internet Matters. Learn how to protect your child with practical tips to help them recognise when they are at risk.
Apps & Platforms
Young people continue to use companion apps like SendIt. Some of these apps are anonymous or require payment, leaving teens open to scams, bullying & more.
Online Gaming - Internet Matters. Find information about what is it and how to help your child develop good online gaming habits.
Read our guide on the key issues secondary school children may face and how to encourage them to make smarter choices online.
Get advice on how to support children digital development as they make the transition from primary school to secondary or senior school.

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25th August 2022 by Internet Matters Team
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Secondary schools online safety resources

19th August 2022 by Internet Matters Team
Secondary School Resources - Internet Matters | Teach online safety to children in KS3 and KS4 with our free resources in e-safety.
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What is OnlyFans? What parents need to know

Internet Matters
19th July 2022 by Internet Matters Team
What is OnlyFans? | Internet Matters. Learn more about OnlyFans and how it is impacting young people. Online Safety. Onlyfans Account. Adult content

Resources to deal with online grooming

12th July 2022 by Internet Matters Team
If your child is affected by online grooming, there are lots of places to go for more help and advice. See our list of resources for further support.
Parent stories

One dad shares how his teen daughter gets her news from social media

16th May 2022 by Internet Matters Team
Dad Gary shares parenting responsibilities with his former partner and discusses here how his teen daughter gets her news from social media.


30th November 2021 by Internet Matters Team
Here’s an up-to-date internet safety glossary of some of the most important words to help you keep abreast of the latest internet-related language.

What is doxxing and how can you keep your child safe?

5th November 2021 by Colette Bernard
Learn what doxxing is, what it means to be doxxed and how you can protect your child from being doxxed or doxxing someone else online.
Expert Q&A

How can I help my child manage their friendships online safely?

7th September 2021 by ghislaine
Social media has changed the way children interact and share online to support children our experts provide simple tips to help.