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Parental controls
Learn how to manage your child's privacy settings on Snapchat with our step-by-step how-to guides.
Snapchat can be a fun way to share photo and video content of daily life but also carries several risks. We outline how to ensure your child snaps safely.
Expert Q&A
Social media has changed the way children interact and share online to support children our experts provide simple tips to help.
Learn more about how OnlyFans works, concerns raised over underage young people using this platform and what risks it exposes young people to.
To help grandparents get to grips with life online, we've created a new Grandparents Guide to Online Safety offering advice to keep kids safe this summer.
The Yolo app has recently hit the headlines following its suspension after a tragic incident because of the app. We’ve provided advice on what parents need to know about Yolo and if it's a safe app.
Find tools and resources available to help your child get the best out of their social media use and practical tools to manage how they share and with who.
If your child is affected by online grooming, there are lots of places to go for more help and advice. See our list of resources for further support.

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