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Parental controls
Snapchat Parental Controls | Internet Matters. Snapchat tips and advice to keep children safe while using the platform. Social media.
Apps & Platforms
How to stay safe on Snapchat: Parent guide | Internet Matters. Learn more about the platform, how it works, and more to help keeps teens safe on Snapchat.
A guide to artificial intelligence for parents | Internet Matters. From Google Chat GPT to Google Gemini, learn about generative AI tools.
How to tackle online child identity theft | Internet Matters. Report child identity theft to the police, financial institutions and apps.
What is fake news and misnformation? | Internet Matters. Find out how to protect young people to from the impact of misinformation.
Our research with Nominet explores young people's views on effectively preventing nude image-sharing among their peers.
In Tech and Kids: The future of social media from Internet Matters, experts share insight into how future social media might impact children.
Working with online safety experts, we’re here to provide parents & carers with guidance, advice and support to keep children safe online | Internet Matters

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27th July 2023 by ghislaine
What are decoy apps? A parents' guide | Internet Matters. Learn about the top anonymous and decoy apps that children and young people use.

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21st July 2023 by Stuart Wood
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14th April 2023 by Internet Matters Team
Stay up-to-date on internet safety and terms with our glossary of some of the most important words to help you stay on top of internet-related language.