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The apps teens use: How to start a dialogue

16th August 2017 by Cat Coode
How do you talk to your child about what they do online? Are you strict about what they should and shouldn't do online? Cat Coode offers tips to talk.

Online challenges every parents should watch out for this summer

26th July 2017 by Internet Matters Team
See top 6 online challenges that parents need to be aware of and advice on how to prevent your child from putting themselves in harm's way.

How are YouTubers influencing children?

1st June 2017 by Dr Tamasine Preece
Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice on issues they're most concerned about.
Parent stories

Mum shares psychological impact cyberbullying had on her daughter

24th May 2017 by Internet Matters Team
This mother's story reinforces the need to talk and take an active role in a child’s digital life as she shares her daughter's battle with self-harm.

Expert Advice: Are you oversharing on social media?

13th December 2016 by Sue Scheff
Author and Parent and Family Internet Expert Sue Scheff give tips and advice about how to protect your child from the dangers of oversharing online.
Parent stories

How I encourage my children to share safely online

28th November 2016 by Nova Gowers
With children ranging from 9 to 22 years old, Nova Gowers shares how she encourages her family to share safely on online.
Parent stories

Mum’s letter urging all to stand up to bullying following son’s suicide

15th November 2016 by Internet Matters Team
Following the tragic loss of her son, Lucy Alexander wrote an open letter to parents, teachers and children calling them to stand up to cyberbullying.

How social media and the internet is helping teens

8th July 2016 by Seun Oshinaike
Co-founders of Silent Secret, a social community for young people explore the benefits that the internet and social media can offer young people.

Digital Doormen don’t ask for ID

13th June 2016 by Internet Matters Team
Parenting writer Olivia Gordon discusses the ease at which young people can access social networks and what parents can do to help keep them safe.
Parent stories

Parents share social media concerns

29th April 2016 by Internet Matters Team
Parents shared their personal concerns and experiences of their children’s social lives online to help others protect their children on social media.

End of year review: Highs and lows of being a parent in the YouTube generation

1st January 2016 by Carolyn Bunting
The headlines in 2015 reveal a worrying trend of sexting, cyberbullying, online grooming, identity theft and radicalisation on the web.

Things to consider when giving children their first smartphone

10th December 2015 by Internet Matters Team
Does your primary schooler want their first mobile phone? Has your teenager got their eye on the latest smartphone?

Pace of change research reveals gap between parents & children’s knowledge of online playground

Internet Matters
13th October 2015 by Internet Matters Team
To help children lead healthier digital lives Children's Commissioner for England launched a guide to promote a positive relationship with technology.

Sexting – defusing the teenage timebomb

8th September 2015 by Internet Matters Team
Sexting is a relatively new issue facing our children. Learn more about sexting and what as a parent you can do to protect your child.
Expert Q&A

Why is cyberbullying awareness so important for tackling bullying?

10th November 2014 by Lauren Seager-Smith
Bullying is not how it used to be, the internet means that cyberbullying and bullying are the same. Read more and keep your child safe.

From bullying to pornography: How to keep your children safe online

16th February 2014 by Internet Matters Team
Susie Mesure tackles the key question, how do we keep our children safe online? Susie's detailed advice is provided across the key age groups.
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