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Learn about online reputation

24th March 2019 by Internet Matters Team
Find out more about how an online reputation is created and tracked to help children understand the long-lasting effects of what they share online.

Report issue

10th December 2018 by Internet Matters Team
Find out where to report any concerns you have about anything you or your child come across on the internet
Parent stories

Mum shares basic rules on managing screen time with teens

4th August 2018 by Internet Matters Team
Supporting a tween and teen Sarah mum of 3 shares her relaxed approach to screen time and some basic rules she follows to guide them in the right direction
Parent stories

Mum shares online risks with kids to help them share safely online

1st May 2018 by Internet Matters Team
We asked a parent to give us her take on kids oversharing online and what real life tips she could offer to other parents struggling with the same issue.

Children seek ‘likes’ and comments to validate self-worth, new report reveals

4th January 2018 by Internet Matters Team
The Children's Commissioner report shows many Year 7 children are finding social media hard to manage and over-dependent on ‘likes’ for social validation.

Duke of Cambridge meets campaigners ahead of cyberbullying launch

15th November 2017 by Internet Matters Team
The Duke of Cambridge met with Lucy Alexander and Chloe Hine to hear more about how cyberbullying is affecting their lives.

‘Stop, Speak, Support’ cyberbullying campaign from Royal Foundation Taskforce

8th November 2017 by Internet Matters Team
As part of The Royal Foundation’s Taskforce young people have developed 'Stop, Speak, Support' to encourage others to take steps to deal with cyberbullying.
Parent stories

Peer pressure to get kids the latest smartphones as they start school

14th September 2017 by Internet Matters Team
Like many parents, Ali made the decision to give her kids mobile phones when they started secondary school, read how she cope with the challenges.
Parent stories

Getting kids tech ready for transition to secondary school

31st August 2017 by Internet Matters Team
Parent share the steep learning curve she experienced as her daughter grew more reliant on tech when she made the transition to secondary school.

How will GDPR affect you and your child?

16th August 2017 by John Carr
E-safety expert John Carr explains what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for you and your child and their safety online.
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The apps teens use: How to start a dialogue

16th August 2017 by Cat Coode
How do you talk to your child about what they do online? Are you strict about what they should and shouldn't do online? Cat Coode offers tips to talk.

Online challenges every parents should watch out for this summer

26th July 2017 by Internet Matters Team
See top 6 online challenges that parents need to be aware of and advice on how to prevent your child from putting themselves in harm's way.

How are YouTubers influencing children?

1st June 2017 by Dr Tamasine Preece
Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice on issues they're most concerned about.
Parent stories

Mum shares psychological impact cyberbullying had on her daughter

24th May 2017 by Internet Matters Team
This mother's story reinforces the need to talk and take an active role in a child’s digital life as she shares her daughter's battle with self-harm.

Expert Advice: Are you oversharing on social media?

13th December 2016 by Sue Scheff
Author and Parent and Family Internet Expert Sue Scheff give tips and advice about how to protect your child from the dangers of oversharing online.
Parent stories

How I encourage my children to share safely online

28th November 2016 by Nova Gowers
With children ranging from 9 to 22 years old, Nova Gowers shares how she encourages her family to share safely on online.