Navigating social media safely

Get tools and tips to support your child's digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


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Facebook Parents' Portal

See guides on how Facebook works and ways to help your child navigate the platform safely

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Instagram Parent's Guide

Get advice about safety features on Instagram and tips to encourage teens to use it positively

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WhatsApp Safety Tips

Learn about the tools available to help children stay safe on the platform

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Community Guidelines 

Read through these guidelines with children to help them understand what behaviour is accepted across the social platforms.

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See Facebook Community Standards to make children aware of what is allowed on the platform.

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See Instagram Community Guidelines to give children advice on what to expect from others.

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See WhatsApp Terms of Service to help children interact safely with others on the platform.

How to set privacy settings on social

Use our Set up Safe guides to add the right privacy settings across the social platforms and help children review their usage on the platform.

  • Manage who can see posts and info

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  • Manage who can see their content

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  • Restrict who can see kids' messages

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  • Parent gives introduction to Instagram

    Learn more about how children use Instagram and safety features from parent blogger Adele Jennings

    Using Privacy Checkup on Facebook

    Watch parent blogger Adele Jennings walk through how to use Facebook's privacy checkup

    Having conversations about social media use

    In addition to setting privacy settings and alerts to manage time spent on the apps, it’s equally as important to have regular conversations about what they do online to equip children with the tools to make safer choices.

    Social media sharing tips

    Get tips on what issues to discuss with your child to help them share safely on social.

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    Conversation starter tips

    Help children deal with online issues and open up about their digital lives with these simple tips.

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    How to report issues

    See links to report issues across the social media platforms and organisations who can offer support for you and your child.

    Benefits of social media

    See how your child can make the most of their social media use with these simple tips

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    Digital challenges

    Get expert advice to help children become digitally resilient and make smarter choices online


    Expert Q&A

    Our experts give advice on the following question: How can I help my child not to overshare on social media?

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    Parent stories

    Read through other parents’ experience of parenting in the digital age to get insight to help you support your child.

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