Tackling online scams

Interactive guide for parents and carers

Help keep children safe online by learning about the actions you can take to tackle scams with our interactive guide below.

Digital image of mother with smartphone surrounded by icons showing chatting, settings, checks and question marks to show different parts of tackling online scams.

Interactive online scams guide

Research shows that parents who are informed about online issues feel more confident when it comes to keeping their child safe online.

Improve your knowledge about tackling online scams and fraud to help keep your child’s digital experiences positive.

Navigate the interactive guide below by clicking within the guide and using the < > arrows.

More resources to tackle online scams

Quickly navigate to these resources also found in the interactive guide to help support your knowledge of scams and fraud online.

Tackle online scams by setting up safe

If your teen uses social media or other online platforms, there are controls you can set to help protect them from scams. Explore step-by-step guides for the most used ones below.


WhatsApp scams and safety

Tackle online scams through WhatsApp by managing privacy, understanding blocking and reporting features and more. See our step-by-step guide to help.

Find further help on the WhatsApp help centre.


Scams safety on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps, which means young people may come across scams. The app includes privacy and security features to help, including Family Pairing, account privacy, user settings and reporting features. See step-by-step guidance here.

You can also visit TikTok’s scams page for more information specific to the platform.


Scams on YouTube

From YouTube Kids to settings that support supervision or set restrictions, there are various options to help keep young people safe on YouTube. Explore these settings with our step-by-step guide for YouTube.

Learn more about scams on YouTube with their policy guide.

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