Socialising online safely

Find tips and tools to help your child stay connected with family and friends safely and share responsibly online.

Recommended Apps & Tools

Apps & Tools
Discord App safety settings guide
Learn how to manage your child's online safety on the Discord app by enabling or disabling security, privacy and data ...

Recommended Articles

Parents’ guide: What is Yolo app and is it safe?
Learn more about the Yolo app and what to watch out for to keep kids safe.
Discord app safety – What parents need to know
Is the Discord platform safe? We recommend that with the correct privacy and security settings, Discord can be used safely ...
Snapchat safety: a how to guide for parents
Snapchat can be a fun way to share photo and video content of daily life but also carries several risks. ...

Recommended Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A
Socialising online safety advice for younger children
Expert Q&A
How to talk about wellbeing and tech with children
Expert Q&A
My child is actively seeking followers to build a brand online, how can I keep them safe?
With the growth of image sharing platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, teens have begun to see themselves more as ...

Recommended Parent stories

Teen shares his experience of social media during COVID-19 pandemic
Young teen shares the crucial role social media is playing in his life while experiencing the impact of COVID-19 restrictions ...
Parent stories
Tech and online safety during lockdown by Adele Jennings
Get tips on how to make use of the most popular video chat platforms to do group chats with family ...
Parent stories
How to use video chat platforms to group chat with family and friends
Get tips on how to make use of the most popular video chat platforms to do group chats with family ...

Recommended Parental controls

Parental controls
Houseparty privacy and safety settings
Learn how to manage your child's privacy settings on Houseparty social media app with our step-by-step how-to guides.

Recommended Policy & guidance

Policy & guidance
Will new online harms regulation help children have a safer experience online?
As part of the consultation on Online Harms and Ethics of Data, our Policy Director Claire Levens provides insight that ...
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