Live streaming app – What parents need to know is a social platform that allows users to connect with others and earn virtual goods which can be exchanged for prizes, rewards and cash.

Users are able to go live and instantaneously share what they are doing to a select audience and with over 20 million downloads since it was released in 2016 the app is increasing in popularity.

How does work?

The live video streaming app lets a user (known on the app as a ‘broadcaster’) broadcast videos, chat, share and follow different broadcasters.  By clicking on one of the many users, they are taken directly to their live feed where they can view videos.

Broadcasters can also share the live feed while watching on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Setting up an account 

You can set up an account by using an existing Facebook, Twitter or email account

Users are asked to provide profile picture, username, gender and birthday.

You then are asked to give the app access to your contacts, locations and phone settings to make calls

More info

For more information about the app, see FAQ

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Account setup

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Notifications on app

Notifications on app

Notifications on app

What is’s minimum age?

The terms of use specify that users be at least 18 or have parental permission to use the tool, but tweens and young teens are broadcasting via the app.

What can you do on the app?

  • Livestreaming and chat function

You can swipe right during a broadcast to remove comments and animations or swipe left to bring them back and swipe up and down from one broadcast to another.

You can also broadcast together with your friends known as ‘beam’ in the app. This allows a user to do a dual broadcast with another user.

  • Earn real money as a broadcaster

Gifts are bought and turn into diamonds for the broadcaster. Diamonds turn into dollars once you reach ~40,000.  The diamond totals keep accumulating, even after you cash out or exchange for coins.

What is the aim of the app

  • To encourage users to livestream with viewers, chat and meet new people
  • Grow in popularity on the channel and feature on ‘Leaderboard’
  • Make money by encouraging ‘viewers’ to buy gifts/coins to turn into cash

Star points for activity

Guide to becoming VIP

Gaining popularity on app

What parents need to be aware of?

Live streaming ‘life’ can be risky, especially for a young person who may be influenced to share too much personal information or inappropriate content to gain more viewers or likes.

Broadcasters can receive live responses which can potentially mean that inappropriate content is sent to children. Parents should take extreme caution when deciding if their children should use this app based on the risks.

As this app has a strong emphasis on getting followers and the potential chance of becoming famous is even embedded in the title, which may encourage broadcasters into doing more outrageous things.

We’d advise parents to talk to their children and assess whether they are equipped with the tools and understanding to deal with these issues before letting them use the app.

Things you can do to keep children safe on the app

  • Block a user if you notice inappropriate behaviour, bullying, or any other rule-breaking conduct on, you may block a user from chatting on your broadcast and profile by tapping on their name, navigating to the profile page, and then choosing “block”
  • Report someone If someone is being rude, you can report them by tapping on their name and clicking ‘report’
  • Make sure children understand that adults and teens both may be using the app and that you need to help them to protect their privacy
  • Review privacy policy and privacy settings on the app to makes sure they are appropriate for your child


Options on app

Settings screen

Privacy options on profile

Settings for notifications

Details on how to block on app

Privacy policy outline

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