What is LiveMe? – What parents need to know

A smartphone shows the LiveMe app available in an app store.

LiveMe is a social platform for over-18s that allows users to connect with others and earn virtual goods to exchange for prizes, rewards and cash.

Learn more about the app and its risks to keep your child safe online.

What is LiveMe?

LiveMe is an adults-only live streaming app. It aims to connect creators like singers, DJs and comedians with relevant fans.

While the app explicitly prohibits sexual content, hate speech and more, it very clearly states it is not for children and that videos should not feature children.

LiveMe minimum age requirements

Its Terms of Service state that the app is only for those aged 18 or older. It not only includes live broadcasting, but one-to-one chats, gaming, gambling and more. Additionally, the thumbnail images are suggestive in nature, though not explicit.

How does it work?

The live video streaming app lets a user (called a ‘broadcaster’) live stream videos, chat with others, and share with and follow different broadcasters.  By clicking on one of the many users, they are taken directly to their live feed where they can view their videos.

Broadcasters can also share the live feed while watching on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Creating a LiveMe account

When setting up an account, users enter their mobile number to login. However, registering via social media or email is also offered. Users must then enter their chosen nickname (or use the suggested one) and birthday. Options for a profile picture and gender are also available. LiveMe then suggests broadcasters to follow.

While LiveMe insists only users over 18 can use the service, there is no age verification process. This means anyone can join the service, including children. The only way their account is likely to get taken down is if someone reports them as underage.

In-app purchases and earning money

LiveMe is very much centred around purchases, including gifts and coins. Users can give them to broadcasters, which is how they make money within the app. It’s very easy to accidentally make purchases if a credit card is connected due to a large amount of pop-ups boasting deals.

Live streams and chats

The main part of LiveMe is the live streams from broadcasters. Users can broadcast and chat with others. They can also send gifts to their favourite broadcasters.

While LiveMe’s guidelines prohibit sexual images or nudity, many of the thumbnails are suggestive and clearly intended for an adult audience.

What should parents know about LiveMe?

  • LiveMe is for users aged 18 and older. Your child should not access the app.
  • However, the appeal of earning money might lead under-18s to trying out the app.
  • Underage users risk unwanted and harmful contact from others.
  • Live streams present additional risk of seeing inappropriate content.
  • If you come across any content featuring a child, you should report it on the platform.

5 tips to stop children using the app

  • Talk to them: Regular conversations are key in keeping children safe. Avoid accusations and instead ask them why they wish to use the app and what they hope to get from it. Explain why the app is not appropriate for their age, then work together to find ones that are appropriate.
  • Set parental controls: Most devices like smartphones and web browsers offer options to block certain apps and websites. Additional apps like Google Family Link, Screen Time or Microsoft Family can provide options to support these controls.
  • Try different activities: Together, try new activities and apps to help your child refocus their attention on something that could affect them in a more positive way. Explore these skill-building apps as a starting point.
  • Report kids and child abuse images: If any content of your child ends up on LiveMe, report it to the platform. Additionally, report images of minors to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), CEOP and Report Harmful Content. Additionally, if you notice an underage user, report their account to LiveMe.
  • Stay informed about safety issues: Learn about tackling inappropriate content, online grooming, sexting and more with our advice hubs.
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