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Young Children (6-10)

7th October 2022 by Sheena Peckham
Online safety advice for 6-10 year olds | Internet Matters. Help young children navigate their online world safety with practical tips and advice.

Protect your child from online grooming

29th September 2022 by Internet Matters Team
Online grooming: what it is and how to protect your child | Internet Matters. Find practical tips and advice to help them recognise when they are at risk.

Cake Stories, #StoryTime and other misleading content

13th September 2022 by Sheena Peckham
Cake stories and #StoryTime are just a couple examples of the misleading content found on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Learn what to look out for.

Moving to secondary school – online safety guide

26th August 2022 by Internet Matters Team
Get advice on how to support children digital development as they make the transition from primary school to secondary or senior school.

UK age verification for pornography sites explained

19th August 2022 by Internet Matters Team
What is Age Verification Law in UK? | Internet Matters. Learn about the age verification and how it helps protect children from seeing online pornography.

Primary school online safety

17th August 2022 by jakub
Primary School Resources - Internet Matters | Teach online safety to children in KS1 and KS2 with our free resources in e-safety.

Online video gaming benefits

2nd August 2022 by ghislaine
Gaming Benefits | Internet Matters. Online video games can be a way to help support your child's development. Online safety. Online safety for kids.

Parenting for the digital economy

2nd August 2022 by Luke Roberts
Parents and young people alike wonder what the future holds when it comes to the digital economy. What does the future of the job market look like?

What is the metaverse? – What parents need to know

27th July 2022 by Sheena Peckham
What is the Metaverse? | Internet Matters With virtual reality and the metaverse growing, it's important to understand how to keep kids safe. Online safety.
Apps & Platforms

What is the ZEPETO app? — What parents need to know

25th February 2022 by Internet Matters Team
What is ZEPETO and is it safe? | Internet Matters. A social gaming platform popular among teens, learn how to keep kids safe as they use the ZEPETO app.

Setting up gaming consoles this festive season

24th November 2021 by Internet Matters Team
This festive season get consoles and video gaming platforms set up safely before gifting with simple how-to guides and expert advice.

Young people share their online experiences in new report

Internet Matters
6th October 2021 by Internet Matters Team
The Demystifying Teens Online Interactions report hears from young people about their experiences online and concerns that come from spending time online.

Play Together Play Smart Campaign

24th September 2021 by ghislaine
How to game safely and responsibly online - We partnered with Electronic Arts to provide a tips on getting involved in gaming to promote safe online gaming.

Online gaming advice hub

24th September 2021 by Rachel Simoyan
Safe Gaming Advice Hub | Internet Matters. See a range of advice and tools to encourage children to game safely and responsibly online.

Top games and/or launches for families to safely game together ahead of the Summer holidays

1st August 2021 by Andy Robertson
Top games for family game time this Summer holidays | Internet Matters. Andy Robertson shares the top games for families to play together this summer.

Entry levels to play as a family this summer

1st August 2021 by Andy Robertson
Finding age-appropriate games to play with your family can be a challenge. IM and Gaming expert Andy Robertson shares his gaming recommendation that you can play together with your family during the holidays.