Start the school year safe online

Make your child's digital safety and well-being a priority as they head back to school with our range of new resources.


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Discovering digital at Primary

Help children establish good online safety habits from the start as they discover the digital world.

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Moving to secondary school

Get to grips with pressures children face online as they move from primary to secondary school.

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Navigating Secondary school

Give digitally savvy teens the support they need to make smarter and safer choices online.

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Advice from Dr Linda

Help children deal with the online pressures of moving to secondary school

How schools can help

Head teacher Matthew Burton shares his experience of supporting teens online

See why it’s important to make your child’s digital well being a priority as they head back to school
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Help children deal with online issues and open up about their digital lives with these simple tips.


Set settings on most popular apps

Learn more about the latest apps kids are using and how to keep things private

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Parental control guides

Use our set up safe guides to get quick steps to set controls on gadgets and platforms

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Expert advice

Leading experts give advice on the following question from parents – ‘How can I manage the step change in my child’s digital life as they start secondary school?’

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Parent stories

As one parent notes ‘raising children in 2018 is not easy’- to offer support parents share their challenges on managing children’s digital lives as they head back to school.

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