e-safety for schools

There are lots of resources to choose from when it comes to teaching internet safety, and lots of ways that schools can get parents engaged in the subject. Through these pages we hope to make it simple for you as teachers and educators to find the right information quickly, both for use in the classroom and to help parents make positive changes.


56% of parents ask their children for advice about technology ¹


70% of parents look to their child’s school for advice about internet safety ²


Only half of parents feel equipped to teach their children about e-safety at home ³

Are you a primary or secondary school teacher?

Finding your way around

The tools and resources are split into the following three sections to make it easier for you:


Access to a range of resources organised by Key Stage and topic, from lesson plans to interactive games and quizzes. These are provided by leading experts such as Childnet and CEOP.

Send home

Making it easy to spread the word amongst parents and point them to www.internetmatters.org as a one stop-shop for information, advice and support.

With parents

Ideas and tools to get parents engaged, including materials for a parents e-safety talk and a school debating pack. You’ll also find ideas to share with parents about fun things to do with their children at home to reinforce the simple rules to staying safe.

Stay in touch

We’d love to hear any comments or thoughts you have about our pages for schools.

Email us at info@internetmatters.org

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