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A new lesson to teach cyberbullying for Anti-Bullying Week 2023
Get ready for Anti-Bullying Week with a lesson from Digital Matters and other cyberbullying resources.
Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out
As a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, we are proud to support Anti-Bullying Week 2022 (14th – 18th November). This year's ...
Teachers targeted by students on TikTok: how parents can help manage bullying on social media
Recent reports show children and young people targeting teachers on TikTok with manipulated images and videos. Learn what parents can ...

Recommended Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A
Help children with SEND have positive experiences online
Expert Q&A
Help children with positive self-image and identity
Expert Q&A
Helping children create a kinder world online

Recommended Parent stories

Parent stories
Supporting girls impacted by misogyny online
Dad, Barney, shares his daughter's experience with misogyny online. See what he does to support his teen to deal with ...
Parent stories
Online hate and trolling – a parent’s story
Mum Beth shares her family's personal experience with online hate to help other parents support their children on this issue.
Parent stories
Parent shares her story about how her son was bullied online
Laura shares her son's story to encourage other parents to start a conversation about the cyberbullying.

Recommended Research

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