Self-Image and Identity

Introduction to Positive Self-Image Online

How do the images and videos we see online impact how we feel about ourselves? Explore how these things affect our self-image to see where we can go to find support. Then, discover how to make positive choices through the Once Upon Online story, Under Pressure. Note: To access lesson resources, teachers must sign in.


Parent Information

For information on self-image, important resources and a quiz to complete on your own or with your child, download these fast facts.

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Interactive Learning

Do this part when a teacher, parent or carer asks you to. You’ll learn about the topic by doing short quizzes and talking about the activities.

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Once Upon Online

Help the characters make their way through this story to a positive ending. Choose a helper who will give you advice if you get stuck. Do this part at home or in the classroom when your teacher says.

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