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Each lesson includes a teacher’s pack full of free resources to help you plan lessons, reach out to parents and engage your students in their online safety.

Scroll down for teacher pack examples from the Privacy and Security introductory lesson.

Digital image of a teacher with a speech bubble that lists everything in the teacher pack. It reads 'lesson plan and slides, companion guide, assessments, cross-curricular links, letter for parents, offline handouts'



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Lesson plan and slides


A digital image with screenshots of the lesson slides and lesson plan in the teacher pack.

The lesson plan includes step-by-step instructions for each activity along with helpful notes, queues and tips to help the lesson run smoothly.

Additionally, reflection questions and Stretch & Challenge tasks offer you the ability to adapt the lesson to suit your needs.

Lesson slides accompany the lesson plan as a visual guide for students.

Click to see the lesson plan and the lesson slides.


Companion guide


A detailed document that can help you better understand the topic along with the structure of the lesson, things to consider and potential questions that might come up.

This comprehensive guide has additional advice and resources to help students learn online safety.

Click to see the companion guide.

A digital image with 3 examples of what you'll find in the companion guide available for all registered teachers.


Baseline and summative assessments


A digital image with screenshots of 2 pages of the baseline and summative assesment available in the teacher pack once you register.

A printable handout to give children before and after a lesson to gauge their understanding and progress.

While assessments may differ depending on the lesson, they are kept two one double-sided page where possible.

It works best when used with both Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online.

Click to see the assessment handout.


Cross-curricular links


See how each lesson supports different parts of your school’s curriculum.

From reading comprehension to internet safety and computing skills, you can use Digital Matters across subject areas.

Click to see the cross-curricular links document.

A screenshot of the cross-curricular links guide with a zoomed in look at links to Internet Safety and Harms, a snapshot of the full guide available in the teacher pack upon registration.


Letter for parents


A screenshot of the word document letter to parents from the teacher pack available to all registered teachers.

Prepare parents for Digital Matters at home with this letter designed to inform them.

Its editable format gives schools and teachers the freedom to align it with letterhead requirements.

Click to see a non-editable example of the parent letter.


Offline handouts


If you run into tech problems or have trouble getting devices for your students, you can print out these handouts for Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online.

As you guide children through the lesson on your screen, they can apply their knowledge on paper.

Click to see the Interactive Learning handout and the Once Upon Online handout.

Screenshot of 2 pages each of the Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online offline handouts available for registered teachers.



Ready to sign up?

Gain access to all of these free lesson resources when you sign up as a teacher.



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