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Help children of all ages address the issue of online pornography to ensure that if they do come across they have the tools to deal with it. See a range of resources, guides and articles for support.

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8 out of 10 parents back Government’s pornography age-verification plans
Government plans to introduce age-verification on pornography sites have been overwhelmingly backed by parents, new research reveals.
Our campaign highlights online pressures children face as they had back to school
Addressing a pinch-point for online safety - as 11-year-olds face a “perfect storm” of digital pressure.
Friendly public WiFi what you need to know to keep your child safe
Safe WiFi symbol campaign to be launched to raise awareness to keep our children safe when using public WiFi.
How are YouTubers influencing children?
Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice ...
Playing an active role in a child’s online social world
As the internet and social networking continue to form a crucial part of the way young people share their experiences, ...
It’s never too soon to think about how your children use technology
With tablets and smartphones now the devices of choice for ever younger children, John discusses what parents should know about ...
The job of analysing child sexual abuse images
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) analysts removed record numbers of illegal web pages in 2014, but there remains much work to ...
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