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Help children of all ages address the issue of online pornography to ensure that if they do come across they have the tools to deal with it. See a range of resources, guides and articles for support.

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What is 4chan and why is it controversial?
Launched in 2003, 4chan is an established imageboard website with 20 million visitors monthly and 900,000 new posts per day. ...
New report finds girls at worsening risk of grooming from sexual predators online
The range of proposed measures hopes to encourage companies to take reasonable steps to keep their users safe.
What is Reddit? — What parents need to know
The social news website requires users to be 13 or older but is Reddit safe? Learn what teens can find ...
What is the dark web? – Advice for parents
To help you understand the risks to children, we’ve pulled together a quick summary of what you need to know.
8 out of 10 parents back Government’s pornography age-verification plans
Government plans to introduce age-verification on pornography sites have been overwhelmingly backed by parents, new research reveals.
Our campaign highlights online pressures children face as they head back to school
Addressing a pinch-point for online safety - as 11-year-olds face a “perfect storm” of digital pressure.
What is LiveMe? – What parents need to know
LiveMe is a social platform for over-18s that allows users to connect with others and earn virtual goods to exchange ...
Friendly public WiFi what you need to know to keep your child safe
Safe WiFi symbol campaign to be launched to raise awareness to keep our children safe when using public WiFi.
How are YouTubers influencing children?
Dr Tamasine Preece gives insight about the power that YouTubers now have on children who look to them for advice ...