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Use the tools, resources and articles to learn more about how to protect children’s privacy online and understand more about their rights and how their data is used online.

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Recommended Apps & Platforms

Apps & Platforms
What is Discord? – What parents need to know
Is the Discord platform safe? We recommend that with the correct privacy and security settings, Discord can be used safely ...
Apps & Platforms
Is the Telegram Messenger app safe? – What parents need to know
Is the Telegram Messenger app safe? The increasingly-popular messaging app offers users an alternative to similar apps owned by large ...

Recommended Articles

How a strong password protects from data breaches
Data breaches can happen to anyone but a strong password can help prevent it. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) ...
What is doxxing? How to keep children safe
Doxxing is a scary problem that can put your child in danger. However, there are things you can to to ...
Online Safety Bill: what parents and carers can expect
Carolyn Bunting, CEO at Internet Matters, give parents insights on how the UK Online Safety Bill will impact children online.

Recommended Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A
How to tackle online scams
Expert Q&A
What should I be aware of when managing my child’s data online?
Expert Q&A
How can I help my child feel free to be who they are online while staying safe?

Recommended Policy & guidance

Policy & guidance
Consultation response: Online Harms and the Ethics of Data
As part of the consultation on Online Harms and Ethics of Data, our Policy Director Claire Levens provides insight that ...