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Whatever your child’s age, we have guidance to help you find out more about their digital lives. Receive practical advice on the steps you can take as a parent to keep them safe on social media, in online games and around the web.

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How can I protect my children?

Children use the internet in different ways depending on their age and so we’ve developed checklists for parents that give you top tips on how to help them stay safe. Help them understand the dangers of sharing personal information, the best ways to balance screen time and more with the age-specific guides below.

Little girl on a tablet


With so many websites and apps targeting pre-schoolers find out the simple steps, you can take to protect your young children.

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Child holding a gaming controller


As internet use grows, learn about the steps you can make to establish positive behaviour and how you can teach your child to stay safe.

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Teen in uniform holding a laptop


As your child makes the important transition from primary to secondary school make sure your knowledge increases with theirs.

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Teen icon holding a phone


As internet access becomes part of your child’s daily life learn about how you can have positive conversations about their internet use.

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What are my children doing online?

Children can and do all sorts of amazing things online. The internet is, after all, creative, fun and educational. Our advice guides give you the need-to-know information about the most common online activities.

Useful guides for parents

Technology moves so quickly, especially when it comes to smartphones, tablets and apps. Learn about the latest apps and the latest technology in our useful guides for parents.

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