Pokemon GO

Controls & Settings guide

Pokemon GO safety features on the app include pop up warnings to users to encourage safe play and a reporting tool to report any issues with the game or inappropriate gameplay.

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What do I need?

A Pokemon GO account - username and password.

Restrictions you can apply

icon In App purchasing
icon Online games

Step by Step instructions


How to report an issue

Step 1 – Tap the Pokéball on screen

Step 2 – Click on Settings

Step 3 – Tap ‘Report High-Priority Issue’ and select ‘Yes’.

You can now report your issue on this site.


Where to restrict in-app purchase on your child’s device

You can restrict in-app purchase on your device to prevent accidental or unauthorised purchases from the Shop.

Visit our guides to restrict this feature on the following devices:


Note about Pokemon GO privacy policy – part of the App policy now states that it can view a phone’s settings and general information about the devices such as what other apps are being used on the device.