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Helplines and services to deal with inappropriate content

If you need more support to help your child deal with seeing inappropriate content, there are lots of places to go for more help and advice.

See our list of useful resources for further support.

What do you need support with?

Useful resources

Support for parents

If you would like to speak to someone to get help, there are a few organisations that can offer one to one support or more advice.

Tips on how to start the conversation to help your child stay safe

Report inappropriate content to protect children from abuse

Report child sexual images to IWF

Practical advice to keep kids safe from adult content

Speak to trained advisers to support your child

Support to manage children wellbeing and resilience

Call helpline for one-to-one support – 0808 1000 900

Help for kids

If your child cannot talk to you about their concerns, advise them to use these services to talk or connect with a trained counsellor to help them deal with their issue.

For any worries a child may have

Online qualified counsellors for children

Support service for young people under 25

Confidential advice for suicidal feelings

24 hour helpline for those struggling to cope

Social media

Learn how to set privacy settings, report inappropriate content and check what the minimum age on the most popular social media apps to keep your child safe on social.

NSPCC Net Aware apps guide

Social media privacy guides

Check minimum age of apps

Social networking gaming apps

Support & Counselling Service

Should your child need extra support, counselling or mentoring to cope with a bullying issue then these organisations may be able to provide advice and services.

Counselling services for children

Counselling services for children

Guide to get the right mental health support

A nationwide counselling directory service

How to talk about mental health with your GP