How do I start a conversation to explain what extremism and radicalisation is to my child?

Get advice on talk to a child about extremism and radicalisation to ensure they feel supported and are aware of the dangers they may face.

Sajda Mughal OBE

CEO of JAN Trust, Campaigner and Consultant
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Keeping your conversation calm and open will ensure your child feels supported. Making sure your emotions are kept in check will enable greater honesty, which is crucial to maintaining your child’s trust.

This topic of conversation can feel overwhelming but it’s important to make it clear that you are asking questions because you want to support them. Reassure your child that this is dialogue, rather than punishment. Many children don’t report concerns because they fear that their internet access will be cut off.

Ensure you are aware of what the different internet and social media platforms are and how these might be used before you speak to your child. Don’t give your child an excuse to dismiss your concerns as ‘out of touch!’ Engage with your child, be open to learning from them but gently highlight the ways in which young people can be at risk. Give a few examples of how online extremists can use clever methods to manipulate and recruit young people.

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