We need to talk about pornography report

Children, parents, and age verification

The report was commissioned to better understand parental views around online pornography in light of the forthcoming introduction of age verification on commercial websites.


What’s inside the report?

The report provides insight into what parents of children aged between 4-16  think and are doing to equip their children to deal with adult content.


A brief summary of key findings from the report regarding their concerns about children seeing pornography and their views on the introduction of age verification on commercial pornography websites.


A summary of the criteria on which all the participants were selected to take part in the research.

Specific parental concerns

Outline of key parental concerns that parents had about how viewing pornography might impact their children. For a quick summary see our infographic on the impact of seeing pornography on children.

Parental experience of their children's exposure to online pornography

Parents share their views on the ease of access of online pornography on the internet and if and when and how their children saw adult content online.

Adult content for adults - responses to age verification

Parents share their views on the introduction of age verification and thoughts on a need for further protection need to block children access to adult content.

Resources: Protecting children from online pornography

To help parents talk about the issue with children and help them form healthy views on sex and relationships, we have created a set of resources featuring our Ambassador Dr Linda Papadopoulos to give parents age-specific advice.

Resources document

We’ve created an advice hub to offer parents more tips and advice to help protect from online pornography.

Visit advice hub