How to talk about harassment and abuse online

It’s easy to think that harassment and abuse are a standard part of the online world. However, normalising these behaviours can leave both boys and girls open to greater harms.

This guide is designed to help parents and carers start important conversations to help tackle this issue.

A dad and his son have a conversation.

What the research says

of teen girls say they feel happy online.

of 15-16-year-old girls say a stranger has tried to contact them.

of girls report receiving sexual pictures or video ‘a lot’ or ‘sometimes’.

of boys report feeling pressure to share sexual images or videos of themselves.

Conversations to have

Use this conversation starter guide to help boys and girls tackle harassment and abuse online, promoting a more positive digital experience.

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Get support with online issues

Create your toolkit for advice personalised to the issues you worry about so you can keep your child safe.

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