My5 Parental Controls

Controls & Settings guide

​Channel 5 content can be streamed via the My5 app on a range of devices. Through the platform, you can set up a PIN to block access to content that requires Guidance (G-rated). The G-rating is for content that Channel 5 deem unsuitable for children., which may include explicit content or adult rated films.

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What do I need?

My5 account username and password.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Inappropriate content

Step by Step instructions

These steps were recreated on a tablet. However My5 App settings are similar across devices.

How to set up content filters


How to set up content filters

The My5 App lets users set accounts up to only allow family friendly content. G-rated films and other content means parental guidance is needed.

To set up content filters:

Step 1Sign-in to your My5 account and select My List in the bottom right.
Step 2 – Select the gear icon in the top right. Under ACCOUNT, select Parental Controls.
Step 3 – Next to Setup a Parental PIN, activate the toggle. Set and confirm a 4-digit PIN. Tap OK to continue.

Whenever your child tries to access G-rated films or shows that might include explicit content, they will need the PIN. As such, make sure it is a PIN only you know.