Tips to prevent cyberbullying

Be engaged

Talk to your child about what they like to do online and what they know about how to stay safe. Explore our conversation guide to help

Be kind online

Being positive and respectful online is key to using the internet safely. Share our Top Internet Manners guide to help them

Know how to report

Make sure your child knows how to report cyberbullying if it happens to them or someone else

Tips to deal with cyberbullying

Tell an adult

Make sure your child knows they can share anything that upsets them online with a trusted adult. Watch Childnet’s Captain Kara video, T for Tell

Never retaliate

Remind your child that saying mean things back to a bully makes the situation worse

Save the evidence

Encourage your child to save messages, photos and screenshots of online bullying as proof to show to a trusted adult

Explore together

Together with your child, explore the apps and platforms they use to find out common issues as well as how to report and block other

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