Amazon Kids joins forces with Internet Matters to keep children safe online

The Amazon Kids logo and Internet Matters logo on a white background.

Internet Matters, the not-for-profit online safety organisation, has announced a new collaboration with Amazon Kids to help families keep their children safe online.


  • A new collaboration between Amazon Kids and Internet Matters will provide resources for parents and carers to support their children navigate the digital world
  • It’s the first of a number of initiatives between the organisations to ensure families feel supported when interacting with Amazon devices connected to the internet.

Amazon Kids is the latest addition to Internet Matters’ growing coalition of partners who are committed to ensuring that children are prepared to benefit safely from connected technology.

The collaboration will provide resources through Amazon’s Family Digital Well-Being Hub, offering parents a better understanding of Amazon’s family-friendly devices and answering their most pressing questions around navigating the digital world safely.

The organisations will work together on a number of initiatives in the future, all aimed at helping families feel knowledgeable and confident when supporting their children’s safety and wellbeing online.

“We are thrilled to partner with Amazon, said Carolyn Bunting MBE, CEO of Internet Matters. “Together, we will develop trusted resources to help parents feel more confident about their family’s online activities. This collaboration is an exciting step forward in our mission to create an online environment our children can benefit from safely.”

Catherine Teitelbaum, Head of Family Trust Amazon Kids, said: “Since its inception, Amazon Kids has built devices and services that provide support to families and help kids safely learn, connect, and have fun. We offer robust Amazon Kids parental controls, hand- curated age-appropriate content through the Amazon Kids+ subscription, devices built from the ground-up for kids, and features designed for the whole family. We are excited to support and collaborate with Internet Matters to help inform our continued invention for kids and families.”

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