UKCIS working group on vulnerable users

We are delighted to report that we have made significant progress in the structure and plans for the working group. Through a series of meetings and calls, we will start 2020 with a work plan – focused on four areas identified in the original research: parents, professionals, educators and innovation.

Participants have completed an audit and taken part in a prioritisation process to determine what actions we should take in each area and are now working through what they can commit to. Each area has a dedicated workgroup aiming to deliver a specific goal or output in calendar 2020.

In common with all UKCIS working groups, it is a voluntary commitment, made by people and organisations who have recognised we can do better for the most vulnerable people in our society by working together. Precisely because it’s voluntary, we have limited the scale of ambitions to do four things well, rather than several things. Early in 2020, we’ll confirm membership of the workstreams and their priority focus.

Membership of the workstreams is not closed, so if you have something to contribute, please do let us know – email: [email protected]

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Read our Vulnerable children in a digital world‘  to highlight how children’s offline vulnerabilities can help us identify what types of risks they may face online.

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