Plays on the Internet’ helps tackle online safety through theatre

Chickenshed theatre group showcase Plays on the Internet for one-off performance

In collaboration with Plusnet, children’s author Konnie Huq and Theatre Group Chickenshed we’ve created a trilogy of plays to educate families on internet safety.

As our research shows that 75% of parents with children aged 4 -16 years old want to learn more about how to keep their children safe online but don’t know where to start, the plays are a great way to help children learn about these issues in a dynamic way.

Acting out a safer digital life

The plays launched on April 29th with a one-off performance at Chickenshed in London, a youth theatre group that works with children to help them understand important social issues through performing arts.

Growing up digital

Speaking about the scripts she has written, Konnie Huq said: “As a mother and someone who has grown up with technology, I know how challenging it can be to stay aware of and support your child’s online activity. Hopefully, these stories will act as a starting point for parents and children to discuss online safety together in a non-threatening and fun way. The process of working with Chickenshed has been fantastic and the kids really helped bring the scripts to life.”

9-year-old Chickenshed member, Marianna McInanny, said: “Sometimes it can be awkward speaking to my parents about internet stuff. These plays were so fun to act in and we realised that we actually had learned a lot about the internet… and aliens!”

Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters, commented: “The online world offers children huge opportunities; it allows them to learn, create and socialise however if it’s not used smartly and safely – children may be at risk of online harms.

“That’s why it’s so important that we reach parents as early as possible and arm them with the right tools and resources to help empower their children to navigate their own digital world safely.

“We’re delighted to have worked with Plusnet and Konnie on such a creative project that raises awareness about these issues and hopefully inspires families to have open, honest and regular conversations about the digital world.”

Plusnet’s commitment to online safety

On the creation of the campaign, Andy Baker, CEO of Plusnet, said: “At Plusnet we have always been passionate about doing what is right for our customers and we take our role as an internet provider seriously.  By partnering with Internet Matters to produce these plays, we hope parents will feel more comfortable on educating their children about online internet safety in an engaging way.”

Scripts and resources for schools

Following the one-off performance, the scripts – along with workshop tips for schools, youth groups, and parents – are now available to download:


Read and download the scripts of the three plays to help children engage with online issues in a dynamic way.


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