OYOTY- Online safety assistant for children

Giving children the tools to stay safe online is now more important than ever. Using the advances in artificial intelligence, a new personal digital assistant called OYOTY is now available to help your child stay safe online. You can sign up today for a 2 month free trial to give it a try.

A number of studies have found that children now start their online lives at a fairly young age. With a number of popular social and gaming apps attracting them, it can be difficult for them to know what is safe or appropriate to share. As parents, keeping children safe online is a very important concern.

While filtering and monitoring solutions might be helpful, used on their own they may not help children understand online risks or help them deal with problems they may face.

What if there was an online safety assistant for children?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) there is now a friendly robotic assistant designed just for children called OYOTY that can help.

OYOTY is a friendly robot helping children stay safe online

As your child’s personal assistant OYOTY looks out for their safety through Intervention and education. When he finds unsafe behavior, personal data or inappropriate content posted by your child on social networks, he alerts them, with a ‘think-again’ message and works with them to take immediate action on the matter.


How does OYOTY work?

Analyses the child’s social networks feeds
OYOTY detects private and inappropriate content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (More networks coming soon)

Alerts the child within minutes
When something inappropriate is detected, OYOTY starts a conversation with the child to explain the risk.

Full guidance to fix the issue
OYOTY guides the child, directly to the social networks, to help take actions, like editing or deleting sensitive posts.

All about education
With a conversational interface, OYOTYprovides tips, practical advice, news and positive stories on the problems they face. Oyoty touches all aspects of digital citizenship and raises awareness about responsible online behavior

Empowerment through education

OYOTY periodically sends children information, fun-filled content and quizzes to help them understand the value of personal data, privacy and positive engagement with social networks. The educational content is delivered in line with the Digital Literacy curriculum and comprises of the following areas:

Internet Safety

Privacy and Security


Digital Footprint and Reputation

Self-image and Identity

Relationships and Communication


Parents get a progress report and practical advice


OYOTY lets children manage their problems themselves and serve parents a progress report without breaching their trust or spying on them. Of course, if children do not fix the issues, OYOTY escalates the matter to parents.

How we’re supporting parents on the tool

To help support parents and give them the tools to have the right conversations with their children, we’ve contributed helpful resources and tips from experts which feature in the tool.

Who are the makers of OYOTY?

Privately brings Swiss innovation to create child-centric online safety solutions focused on building resilience in children through a combination of self-help tools, awareness and education. By empowering children to better manage their own digital lives we help develop better digital citizens who engage positively with digital media and are better able to leverage the wonderful possibilities that the Internet has to offer.

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