Microsoft releases Xbox Family Settings app

How the Xbox Family Settings App Works | Xbox

The new app, helps parents to control children’s screen time, to filter content and to manage their friends. Learn about the new app and how this could work for your family.

What is the Xbox Family Settings app?

Ahead of the new releases of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (releasing on Nov 10 2020) Microsoft has officially released a new app to give parents more control by remotely monitoring your child’s gaming activity on consoles.

Parents can use this app to ensure their children are accessing safe content, playing at appropriate times and with people they know – all through the phone.

What are the features of the Xbox Family Settings app?

The app which is now available to download for free has the following features:

  • Screen time limits – set specific times during the day or week of who long you want them to play
  • Review and manage friends lists – The app allows parents to accept or decline new friends requests, and also review their existing friends list
  • Content filters – Choose age-appropriate levels for rate games and apps
  • Play and communication settings – Choose who they interact with in the Xbox community from “no access” to “friends only” or to “everyone”
  • Activity report – A detailed summary of your child’s activity online and on their Xbox

Where can I download Xbox Family Settings app?

You can download the app for free for via the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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