Family Video Game database launches with UKIE & ParentZone support

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The Family Video Game Database was unveiled today. Out of beta with close to 600 games, it offers parents and carers the information they need to make informed choices about video games and discover a wider range of experiences for their family.

After an influx of visitors when the beta version was featured on BBC Click and Breakfast TV, it has now launched in this finalized form to offer families and carers a unique way to understand the games their children are playing as well as discover new titles tailored for their family.

After 70,000 views during the beta phase, the database has a new streamlined user interface and readable layout. Each game is researched by a team of family experts and presented on a clean, concise page without jargon or advertising.

Ongoing support from Ukie and Parent Zone through 2020 will ensure work can continue improving and expanding the information it provides.

It offers the following unique features:

600 games covered in detail:

One page per game with all key information for parents and carers:

  • Jargon-Free Overview
  • PEGI/ESRB ratings
  • In-App Purchases
  • Costs
  • Duration
  • Number of Players
  • Accessibility
  • Younger rated alternatives for popular games

Enhanced game search to find games based:

  • Genre, Theme, System, Number of Players
  • In-App Purchases, Season Passes
  • PEGI/ESRB Age Rating
  • User-Generated Content

70 themed lists of games:

  • Education Games
  • BAFTA Award winners
  • Games for mental health
  • Connection through play
  • Accessible games
  • Games for parents and carers
  • Compete on the couch answers questions parents and players have about video game age ratings, provide advice on how to play games safely and responsibly, and offer families helpful tips to ensure they get the most out of the games they enjoy together.

Parent Zone are the experts in digital family life. They provide support and information to parents, children and schools, working globally to help families to navigate the internet safely and confidently. They work with parents, schools, governments and businesses to study, understand and address the impact of emerging technologies on young people.

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