Spotify Kids app launched to provide curated songs for children aged 3 and over

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This new app is exclusive to Spotify Premium Family subscribers and intended for kids, ages 3 and older.  The beta version has launched today in the UK and will be rolling out worldwide in areas that have Premium Family.

What makes Spotify Kids great for young children?

It offers young children a curated list of singalongs, soundtracks and stories that children can explore, on their own or with their family. It also includes the following features:

  • There are no ads with as it’s comes as part of ‘Spotify Premium Family’
  • The content is handpicked by experienced editors that are focused on ensuring that the content is age-appropriate
  • It allows children to create their own space to listen to the music they like in a child-friendly space
  • The playlists make it easy for young children to find music and stories from their favourite movies and TV shows or hit plays on a playlist to sing along to during their favourite activity

What types of songs feature on the app?

The app includes a playlist centred around the viral song ‘Dinosaurs in Love’ by one of the youngest song writers Fenn Rosenthal to highlight playlist to appeal to young children.

In addition, the launch of Spotify for Kids in the UK also includes new artists selected especially for their resonance with young people in the UK, including CBeebies, Little Mix, Rastamouse, George Ezra, Hey Duggee, McFly, Adele, Craig David, Calvin Harris, Spice Girls, Take That and Busted.

What makes Spotify Kids different from the normal app?

From the look and feel to the curation of content and navigation, the app is build for children. It also varies by age group to meet specific needs – for example, the artwork for younger kids is softer and character-based, while content for older kids is more realistic and detailed.

What parental controls and safety settings does Spotify Kids have?

As the launch is in it’s beta stage these will be enhanced as the roll out continues and learning are gained from parent and experts feedback on the app.

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