Cookies – a new play inspired by real stories about key online issues

As part of the Cyberscene project, The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust and Kidscape present Cookies – a play inspired by true online stories of 120 students. It follows seven teenagers dealing with the effects of sexting, radicalisation and cyberbullying.

In a world of gaming, vlogging, instant messaging and streaming, the online and offline worlds of seven teenagers collide when each are exposed to a darker side of their digital lives and are confronted with the realities of sexting, radicalisation and cyberbullying.

Sosa, a tough, gay, streetwise Londoner finds solace in the tunes of her favourite rap artist, but her online world comes crashing down when she finally meets her idol.

After splitting up, Simon an avid gamer and Eva an aspiring vlogger, are forced to deal with the devastating effects of sexting and repetitive online abuse.

Infatuated with pop star Zayne Malik, Salena starts an online friendship with another faceless superfan and quickly finds herself grappling with her faith and persuaded to make a long journey with an unknown fate.

Cookies has been inspired and developed from a series of theatre workshops with students from colleges across London and is a must for any parent, teacher or young person struggling with the effects of our wider digital world.

Project Ambassadors: Lily Allen, Maddy Hill, Ted Reilly and Lady Viola Grosvenor

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Cookies is presented by the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust in partnership with Kidscape and The Pureland Foundation.

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