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As a non-profit organisation, we’re funded to support UK parents and professionals with online safety advice and tools. Your support can help us meet the needs of parents worldwide.

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Internet matters Limited a not-for-profit organisation with registered company number 8822801. Registered address, One London Wall, London EC Y 5E.

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Carry out research with families to better understand what support they need.

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Resource creation

Create bespoke resources to keep parents and professionals up to date with online safety.

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Resource distribution

Raise awareness and share this critical information with parents across the UK and beyond.

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Support vulnerable children

Prioritise support for the most vulnerable children online.

What users say about us

An oasis in a digital desert

Just to say thank you for existing and caring so much about our young and/or vulnerable people.


Love Internet Matters

Providing clear, relevant, up to date materials, enabling easy access to support and advice.


Valuable resource

A very much-needed resource, thank you Internet Matters!


Online safety first

Very good for children safety, well done.


Useful platform

I have learnt a lot from this and I will listen to it.