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Building a child’s digital resilience

See how parenting styles can help children become more digitally savvy and get the best of their online world.

This is the ideal parenting style – It’s the perfect balance between setting boundaries for your child and giving them space to grow.

This is a ‘my way or the highway’ style of parenting. It may affect a child’s opportunity to deal with life and minimise feelings about their resilience and their grit

What could I do differently?

  • Spend time listening to  your child
  • Validate them for what they are doing
  • Allow them to have more say on decision over their lives on and offline

This is when you want to be your child’s best friend. As children need boundaries it may affect their understanding of where boundaries are both on and offline.

What could I do differently?

  • Practice setting boundaries and implementing rules
  • Openly talk to children about your expectation of their online behaviour
  • Don’t be afraid of not being liked by your child if they disagree with a decision or rule that you have implemented. Try to help them understand why it’s beneficial to them.
  • This is where you completely leave your child to their own devices. Without parent oversight, it can encourage a child to solely depend on themselves and be more vulnerable to experience online risks.
  • What could I do differently?
  • Make time for your child and their online world
  • Get involved and found out what they’re up to online
  • Have regular conversations
  • If you are struggling to parent your child, you may need to seek help such as talking to your GP or a social worker

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