Nudes and sexting

Advice for young people

Learn about reasons why sharing nudes or sexting is not a good idea.

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Issues with other people:

Sexting & sending nudes – 5 things to consider

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Are they using you?

The person asking you for the photo or video may be using you or taking advantage of you to get what they want.

You could lose control of this photo

Once it is shared, other people can copy or save it – even change it. They could put it on social media or upload it on websites.

It could be shared to brag

Partners in a relationship sometimes brag to their friends and could share the photo with other people. It could quickly be spread around making someone upset and embarrassed.

Even good relationships can change

If things go wrong in a relationship, an upset or angry friend or partner might share the photo of you without thinking about what could happen.

They might want to upset you as revenge for breaking up with them.

Your photo belongs to you

It should never be used without consent, even if you sent it in the first place. It could be used to bully or humiliate you. It could damage how people think of you (your reputation) and it could be against the law.

If it happens to me what should I do?

If someone has asked for nudes, here are a few things to remember:

  • It is OK to say ‘No’. Talk to your parents or carer calmly. Explain what happened. Work out a good reply that says ‘No’ clearly. The app Zipit can help with how to do this
  • It is against the law if an adult (18 years or over) is asking you nicely or scaring you to make you send nudes. If they are, make sure to keep the message as evidence and get help – you can tell your parents/carers or a trusted adult. They can help you report it to the social media platform or ask to have the photos taken down
  • You might decide to block or restrict the sender. Save the message of them asking for the photo (you may need this evidence). Report it to the social media platform
  • It is against the law to own or share explicit photos or videos of young people under 18. The police may be needed if this is happening


Places to go for help

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

A safe space to get support or just hang out, whatever you feel you need.

If someone’s trying to get you to send nudes, use the Zipit app to keep the situation under control.