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Connecting online is a central part of all young people’s lives today. To help you play a vital role in equipping your child with the skills to help them thrive through the connections they make, navigate our set of tips and advice to support them.

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Title - Advice for parents: Getting started
Strapline - Empowering young people with additional learning needs to use social media safely

If your child has special educational needs and is connecting with others online or is planning to start, this guide will give you both support on how to keep safe whilst still keeping it fun.

In the main parent sections we've provided support in four areas;

Know the facts – This section aims to help you understand how social media can impact your child positively but also how their additional learning needs can put them at an increased risk of online harms.

First steps - Advice in here will help you to make up your mind on whether they are ready for social media, or if they are already on social media, what things to consider to ensure their experience is a safe and happy one.

Do the basics - Here you'll find practical tips and guidance on how to help your child set up a profile or manage their social interactions on platforms safely.

The hard stuff - If you are concerned about any issues or challenges they may face, this section will give you clear advice on how to deal with it.

If you are looking to speak to someone about any issues or concerns, or would like to find practical tools to support your child online, our support and helpful stuff sections have links to organisations and a range of tools for you to use.

And lastly, to make sure that you and your child can learn together, you can find relevant links of advice, support and a family agreement you can make together as a family. This will all help you to navigate the safety challenges your child might face when they’re online.

What you will find

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Know the facts


Get insight into the impact that social media can have on young people with additional needs to get a better idea of how to help them get the best out of their experience.

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First steps


If you are thinking about using social media with friends and family, just before you make up your mind have a look at this advice to make sure you are well prepared.

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Do the basics


Learn how to make use of settings and tools available on platforms your child uses to create a safer space for them to connect with others, and create learning moments.

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The hard stuff


Help your child manage online risks and get advice and practical tips on how to support your child if they do experience a range of online issues on social media.


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