Balancing my screen time

Advice for young people

Here are 5 top tips to help balance your screen time.

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Balancing my screen time

What you will learn

What to think about


Being on screens is fun

Not all screen-based activities are bad. Being online can be fun, keeps you entertained, it can help you learn and keeps you in touch with friends and family.

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Think about digital rules to help you manage your time

Suggest a family meeting and agree with your parents/carers how long you can be on social media or playing games.

Keep snacks healthy while on screens

Check you are not snacking on unhealthy foods while you are on screens.

Set limits on screen time to protect your sleep

Try not to use screens in the hour before you go to bed – you may find it harder for you to fall asleep.

Use tools to balance your screen time

Use your phone’s built-in screen time tools to help you balance your time. They will tell you how long you have been on your device.

Turn off notification to focus when you need to

Stay in control! Notifications can be turned off at night or at other times, so you won’t be distracted.

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