What is inappropriate content?

Advice for young people

Learn about what inappropriate content is and recognising what a healthy relationship looks like.

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Choosing who I chat with

What does inappropriate mean?

When we use this word about something online, it means a photo, video or text that is not OK.

Here are the reasons why something is not OK

  • Photos or videos can be scary, violent or sexual. They can shock people or upset them. They may be sent to someone to make fun of them or to threaten them
  • In chat or texting, people sometimes say things that hurt or offend other people. These words could be bullying or they could be rude and insulting about somebody’s race, religion, or family. People say things that are hurtful. Not everyone realises that what they are saying is really going to upset someone else, but if that happens it is best to say sorry and quickly take down that message

Things can be appropriate in some situations but not in others

It may not be suitable to share with a particular person. Like maybe you would not use the same joke that you tell your friend, with your teacher or your grandparent? In some situations, we need to behave differently.

If you are not sure, it is best to be extra careful.

If you are sent something that you think might be inappropriate, please tell a parent or carer or someone you trust.

What is a healthy loving relationship?

It is easy to think that a good relationship means you have to share nudes or that other people learn about sex online and this is what they want you to do. This is not true.
A healthy loving relationship is:

  • Treating your partner with respect
  • Being respected yourself
  • Your partner is loyal and caring
  • Not being expected to have an unrealistic body (like airbrushed models in photos online or in magazines)
  • Your privacy is respected – your partner does not ask you to share nudes
  • You are not asked to do things you do not want to do