Things to do together

In this section, you’ll find a range of resources, games, and guides that you can use together with young people to equip them with the know-how and the skills to connect safely with others online.

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Title - CYP: Why do things online together?

So why should you do things online together?

It’s important that you try and involve the adults in your life in your online life. The more you help them to understand it, the easier it will be for them to help you if things go wrong.

Taking time to show the adults in your life how much you love technology, will also help them to make sure you stay safe.

What you will find here are things to do together like games, stories and even cards to download to help you remember what you’ve learned or decided. There is also a family agreement you can create together.

It helps to really understand how to look after your life on social media.

And you will learn a range of ways to explore social media together,

how to manage risks together,

Stories you can use to test out what you would do if some of these situations happened.

How to make a family agreement everyone will use.

And how parents can use digital tools and caring skills to support children.

So why not give these a try.

What you will find

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First steps


These activities are designed to help you and your child consider how prepared they are to connect with others online. Find instructions for each activity below.


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Do the basics


Find a range of activities and resources to use with your child to prepare them for social media and help them develop good online safety habits.


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The hard stuff


Help your child learn how to cope with a range of online issues by using a range of activities to reinforce their understanding of the issues and adopt coping strategies.


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