Supporting LGBTQ+ children and young people

Advice for parents and carers

Give children who identify as LGBTQ+ the tools they need to stay safe and make smarter choices online by using our expert guides. The guides provide advice on the main activities that children do online.

What you’ll find in the guides

See how these resources can help you empower LGBTQ+ young people to manage online risks
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All children and young people deserve the chance to thrive online in a safe and supportive environment.

For those who identify and are part of the LGBTQ+ community, this is even more important as they develop their identity and express who they are online.

To support parents and carers we've created a range of guides to help them keep LGBTQ+ children and young people safe online.

Why this is important

The internet allows LGBTQ+ children and young people to find support and a sense of community but it can also expose them to a range of specific risks and challenges.

While it's important to recognise that every child's experience online is unique, research shows that being exposed to hate speech and insults online is one of the most prevalent risks for LGBTQ+ young people.

Also if they rely on the internet for community support, which is a positive, it can leave them more vulnerable to experiencing toxic online relationships or being exposed to inappropriate content and relationships online.

So, that's why it's important to empower children who identify as LGBTQ+ with practical strategies to tackle these issues and seek support without fear of judgment.

What's inside the guides?

You'll find insights and resources to support young people while they are connecting and sharing, browsing the internet, and online gaming.

You’ll find helpful tips to:

Encourage young people to adopt healthy online habits
Stay informed about the risks they may face online
And how to make use of safety tools to help them thrive in their digital world

While the internet offers a great opportunity for children who identify ad LGBTQ+ to explore their identity and find supportive communities, they are also online risks that they may be more likely to experience.

To raise awareness of these risks to stop them from turning into harm in the guides you’ll find practical tips on how to approach conversations about these potential risks to stop them turning into harm. We’ve also provided links to other expert resources that can help and tools that are available to create a safer digital space for children to explore and interact.

Resources document

Visit the research and insight section to learn more about the level of online risks that exist for certain children and how this can help you intervene in a meaningful way.

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Guides and resources

Connecting and sharing online

Get expert advice on how to empower LGBTQ+ children and young people to connect and share with others safely and thrive online.

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Staying safe while browsing

See ways that you can help LGBTQ+ children and young people to browse safely online and protect them from inappropriate content.

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Online gaming

Find gaming tips to encourage children and young people to get the best out of their online gaming experience and reduce online risks.

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Inclusive Digital Safety Resource centre

We’ve created a one-stop-shop resource centre featuring our parent guides, recommended resources for parents and teachers, and more. Make use of the filter to find what you need.

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Connecting Safely Online advice hub

To help support parents, carers, and young people with additional learning needs, we have created this hub to offer tailored advice on how to connect safely online across a range of social platforms.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ children and young people online

Vasileios Zarodimos (he/him) from Internet Matters sat down with Adelle Barker (she/her) and Alex Chambers (he/him) from Sky to discuss how the digital space impacts and benefits children who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Making the internet safer and more inclusive

Together with SWGfL we've created this hub to provide online safety advice and guidance to support parents & professionals working with children and young people experiencing vulnerabilities.

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