Online safety leaflets & resources

Promote online safety in the classroom and at home with our free printable e-safety leaflets and resources. Download or print and share with other parents or colleagues to help kids stay safe online.

What’s on the page

Age guide leaflets

Children use the internet in different ways depending on their age. As such, we’ve developed checklists for parents that include top tips on how to help them stay safe.

Online issues guides

See advice on a range of online issues that your child may face to help them enjoy the digital world safely and smartly.

Tech use guides

Whether your child registers for new social media accounts on the regular or is more interested in video games, these guides will help them stay safe online.

Other checklist and guides

These guides offer general information on how to keep children safe in their digital world. Teach them the right way to share information and use social media with internet manners guides and more.

Social media checklists

South West Grid for Learning produced these social media accounts checklists, which provide detailed information on how to stay safe on the most popular social networks. To order any of these leaflets, go to the South West Grid for Learning website or click the image below.