Fostering Digital Skills

Online learning course for foster carers

This CPD certified online learning course is designed to help foster carers support the online lives of the children in their care.

About this course

This course is designed to equip foster carers with skills and confidence to help guide children and young people in their care through the digital world.

Created with help from care experienced young people and foster carers from across the UK, the four course modules build on the skills and knowledge foster carers already have.

Each module shows how foster carers can support their child’s online safety, confidence and competence online.

Course overview

  •  4 Modules
  •  4 Hours
  •  Beginner level
  •  Free

Course features

  •  Independent learning
  •  Unlimited access
  •  Tailored workbook
  •  CPD certified

How to complete this course


Complete the voluntary pre-course survey to help us measure and improve the impact of this course.


Download the workbook and resource list at the bottom of this page to support your learning.


Complete Modules 1-4 in number order within a month, using the workbook you downloaded.


After you complete all the modules, use the link at the end of the Module 4 to apply for your CPD certificate.

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Before you begin

We are undertaking a research study to understand the impact of this course. As such, we ask you to answer some questions before and after you complete it.

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By completing this survey, you will help us understand the digital skills, knowledge and confidence of foster carers before they take the course.

Learners who complete the foster care course and apply for a CPD certificate will also be invited to complete a post-course survey exploring their views on these same elements.

Completing the pre-course survey is voluntary and not a requirement of the course. 

Select a module to start learning

Explore each module below to see what you’ll learn to support children and young people online. Then, navigate to the right one.

We recommend completing them in number order within a month.

Module 1 | Understanding

By the end of this module, you will better understand how digital technology can benefit young people as well as the risks they may face, what it means to be ‘digitally resilient’, and how to support your child in their online lives.

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Module 2 | Empowering

Through this module, you will learn ways to empower young people online and have a better understanding of the impact that confidence and different parenting styles can have.

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Module 3 | Nurturing

In this module, you will identify techniques for building trust with children in your care and explore how technology can be used to nurture and develop positive relationships.

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Module 4 | Flourishing

After completing this final module, you will better understand the digital skills young people need now and in the future, and the actions you can take to help the young people in your care become capable digital citizens.

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Download workbook and resource list

Save, edit or print the optional workbook to record your responses to questions and activities throughout the course.

The included resource list provides tailored resources to support your learning within each module.

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This course was created by Internet Matters in partnership with The Fostering Network and Dr Simon P Hammond from the University of East Anglia with support from Jess McBeath (Jess Ltd.).

The creation of these materials has been funded by Nominet through its REACH programme.