Social networks made for children

See our list of child-friendly social media apps designed to help children learn how to interact with each other and share safely online.

Top social networks for kids

Social media has continued to grow in popularity with both teens and tweens. According a BBC survey more than three quarters of younger children between 10 and 12 years old are using at least one social media network.

If your child is eager to start tweeting, posting or sharing but you feel they’re not ready to use the likes of Facebook or Instagram, then there are a number of alternative social networks made for children that you can point them to.

These offer child-friendly features like games and contests but also give you a chance to use them as teaching tool to get them sharing safely.

Ultimately, these social networks give children a safer environment where they can share their experiences and engage with friends they know.

Social networks for under-13s

Spotlite (formerly Kudos)

An app that is a digital environment where children can explore, learn, and understand how to be positive online.

Spotlite Formerly (Kudos) – Parent and his daughter talk about the social media app for kids

What is Spotlite?

Spotlite focuses on the importance of creating a safer, social experience for kids, tweens and teens. Kids can share videos, pictures, react to and comment on posts by friends and join groups for sharing with others with similar interests. The platform is 100% COPPA compliant.

The main aim of the app is to teach preteens, tweens and teens the etiquette of interacting online. It has constant reminders to keep things positive like the comment box that directs users to ‘ leave a nice comment’.

Safety features

  • All accounts require a parent or carer to provide email authentication and approval. No friends can be added until a parent approves the account.
  • Spotlite does not track or sell any of your child’s personal information such as location.
  • Parents have to approve the use of Spotlite if for kids below the age of 13.
  • Shared video/pictures are only available to be seen by the friends you have accepted.
  • There are 24/7 Content Moderators. Any inappropriate content/users will be banned

Age: 8+
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS

PlayKids Talk

A kid-safe chat and messaging app for under 12s

What is PlayKids Talk?

PlayKids is an internationally-acclaimed platform with cartoons, books, and activities for kids aged 2 to 8. With the PlayKids Talk app, kids can access activities, games and content such as videos. Parents can also manage kid’s contacts, authorise camera and microphone access

Safety features

  • To set up the child’s account parents are required to go through age-verification.
  • Parents can control all aspects of the child’s account such as contacts and profile.
  • Parent has access to the account on their phones as well to keep an eye on what is being shared in real-time

Age: 4+
Cost: Free
Available on: To access all apps on the PlayKids platform, you can download it for iOS.


A social media platform specifically built for kids and also used by teachers.

GoBubble social media app

GoBubble puts schools at the centre, allowing children to chat, collaborate on school projects, learn about new cultures, develop pen pals, teach children about safe social media use, and send parents messages.

The key difference with GoBubble compared to other sites is that schools sign up pupils, with parental approval, rather than the children signing up for themselves.

Safety features

  • Live moderation team who review flagged messages.
  • Removes any inappropriate images, text, audio, video, or emojis.
  • Advert free.
  • Due to its comprehensive safety features, the site has been awarded a PEGI 3 rating – the safest age rating available from the governing body (Pan European Gaming Information).
  • All content (chat, photo and video) is checked before it appears.

Age: 4+
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS

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Grom Social 

A social media entertainment site created for kids.

What is Grom Social?

The app allows kids to meet other kids like themselves by connecting via chat messaging,  creating videos, watching socials and sharing posts.

Safety features

  • Grom TV kids can steam safe, curated video content.
  • The app has filters to remove any appropriate and abusive language.
  • Requires email verification from parent to open an account.
  • Parents can monitor a child’s activity with the MamaBear companion app.

Age: 4+
Cost: Free
Available on Android

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