How to use Digital Matters


The platform is designed to be used in the classroom environment or at home with a parent. Below we’ve provided some tips and advice on how to use it and get the best out of it. 

The Digital Matters platform provides free lesson plans about online safety for teachers, parents and children.

1. Select who you are

Click ‘Begin as…’ teacher, parent/carer or child. If you are a teacher, you will have to sign up and log in to get access to free lesson materials. Click here to see what each teacher’s pack includes before you sign up.


Parents will have access to a companion guide without signing up.

Teachers, parents/carers and students can use Digital Matters to learn about online safety.

2. Choose the topic and lesson

Select the topic you would like then choose a lesson within the topic to learn more specifically about. If needed, you can filter lessons to suit your needs.

Digital Matters covers a range of online safety topics like cyberbullying and fake news.

3. Download free resource pack

Teachers can download the lesson’s content and parents or carers can download a companion guide for that lesson to better support their children.

Teachers have access to free lesson materials to support children's education.

4. Start with Interactive Learning

To begin learning about the topic, start with Interactive Learning.

Digital Matters promotes interactive learning and engaging activities.

5. Get into the story

To apply knowledge about the topic, start with Once Upon Online.

Note: Teachers, parents/carers and children will all see the same screens for Once Upon Online and Interactive Learning and can complete the activities.


Children create their own story in Digital Matters using what they learnt about online safety.

6. Complete and print out your story journey

At the end of Once Upon Online, you’ll have the opportunity to print out the journey to have an open discussion about the choices made.

Teachers, parents/carers and children can reflect on the online safety lesson.


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