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Internet Matters and ESET created Digital Matters to support online safety education.

This interactive platform engages children and provides educators with everything they need to teach online safety effectively. With content for parents as well, online safety becomes a holistic experience for each child.

Digital Matters was created by Internet Matters with support from ESET.

Making online safety learning more engaging

Keeping children and young people safe online is at the heart of what we do at Internet Matters. As an organisation, we wanted to create a resource that would bring online safety to life for young people and encourage them to consider closely the consequences of decisions made online.

In research, teachers said they wanted discussion- and activity-based learning with elements of realism. Digital Matters offers interactive lessons with quiz- and story-based activities modelled on how young people interact with their online world. With each decision they make, they get instant feedback to help inform their real-world choices.

Digital Matters has free and engaging online safety lessons.
Relationships and Health Education is compulsory in primary schools across England.

Why does it matter?

From September 2020, the Department for Education made the Relationships and Health Education curriculum compulsory in all primary schools in England. As such, schools are looking for quality online safety resources to teach about relationships and e-safety.

In our research, online safety education was varied across different schools with teachers using resources from several sources even within one school for PSHE lessons. While the resources teachers used were largely helpful, they said it would be more useful to have everything they needed in one place. They also expressed a desire for regularly updated content that reflected the changing landscape of children’s digital world.

Parents also expressed interest in content that they could get involved in that teaches real-world issues in a supportive environment. They wanted the ability to discuss these issues with their child to support their learning.

Digital Matters offers detailed supporting resources to properly prepare teachers for the platform and the featured online safety topics. Additionally, parent involvement is encouraged with information guides and parent access that doesn’t require a login. Content is added and updated regularly to stay relevant with changing interests and technologies.

How does it support young people?

Digital Matters follows UKCIS’ Education for a Connected World framework designed by the UK Government. As such, the subjects covered are drawn from the eight strands in the framework. Lesson objectives and learning outcomes are created using this guidance.

Online safety lessons from Digital Matters also align with different curricular areas in English, Computing, Relationships and Health Education and PSHE. This helps students consolidate their learning on a whole-school level.

Children learn about online safety in a safe space with Digital Matters.
Digital Matters provides online safety resources for young people, parents and carers and professionals.

How does it support professionals who work with young people, parents and carers?

Online safety can be a difficult subject to teach, especially with there being so many elements to children’s digital world. With Digital Matters, educators can engage children with interactive discussion-based lessons and stories for a range of topics. Because the scenarios are based on young people’s use of the internet, the results of choices made are more realistic and more likely to be applied in real situations.

Our parent resource and take-home activities invite parents to learn more and take ownership to continue online safety education beyond the classroom.

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About ESET

ESET is a digital security company and is dedicated to protecting the progress that technology enables.

As a global leader, we believe in a positive digital future, which is reflected in how we do business and our commitment to managing our company in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable ways, whether it be for homes, schools or businesses.

Many of us at ESET are parents and, like you, we know that staying up to date with the ever-changing online world is no easy thing – especially when our kids often seem to be three steps ahead of us. We are committed to building on work being done in online child safety to help educate parents and children, and ultimately foster an online world where children are able to use the internet responsibly and safely.

We recognise that to have a real impact, you need the right partners. Working alongside Internet Matters allows us the depth of knowledge and guidance needed to ensure we are making a valuable and sustainable contribution where it matters most.

That’s why we’re proud to support the Digital Matters platform as part of our wider Safer Kids Online initiative.

ESET supported the creation of the Digital Matters platform.



About Internet Matters

Internet Matters is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing parents and professionals with the most comprehensive and credible resources, information and support to keep children safe online.

We wanted to create an app that was not only useful and comprehensive for teachers but also involved parents and engaged children. As we continue to develop and update the content, we aim to offer a centralised tool for learning about online safety in the classroom.

Internet Matters created the Digital Matters platform.


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