Self-Image and Identity

Introduction to Positive Self-Image Online

How do the images and videos we see online impact how we feel about ourselves? Explore how these things affect our self-image to see where we can go to find support. Then, discover how to make positive choices through the Once Upon Online story, Under Pressure. Note: To access lesson resources, teachers must sign in.


Parent Information

For information on self-image, important resources and a quiz to complete on your own or with your child, download these fast facts.

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Interactive Learning

Most commonly completed in your child’s school, Interactive Learning provides children with interactive activities to learn about the topic. Start here if you would like to see what they are learning or would like to go through the activities with your child at home.

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Once Upon Online

This quick story-based activity lets your child make choices that could be risky in real life so they can learn about the consequences in a safe space. Have them complete this journey on their own or complete it together to see where you both wind up. A great route for discussion.

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