Taking Care Online

CPD certified digital safety training to support children with care experience

Find resources guides to support training and information on next steps to complete the course.

About the course

This course is designed to equip front line workers with skills and confidence to help guide children and young people in their care through the digital world.

Four modules are covered in the live online training sessions. Each module shows how frontline workers in the sector can support their child’s online safety, confidence and media literacy online.

Understanding  – outlines the benefits and risks of digital technology.
Empowering – offers practical insights to help young people gain confidence to support young people’s online safety needs.
Nurturing – Gives advice on how to encourage young people to use technology safely to nurture positive relationships.
Flourishing – Identifies ways to promote the development of essential digital skills in children and young people.

Supporting course resources

Here are the supporting resources for each of the modules shared in the online training. These contain practical tips on how to foster conversation with young people to support their online safety and media literacy.

Course Overview

- 4 Modules
- 3.5 Hour online training
- Beginner level
- Free
- 1 hr Check-in sessions
- Tailored course resources

Understanding Conversation guide

Empowering Conversation guide

Nurturing Conversation guide

Flourishing Conversation guide

Reporting Reminder guide

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Support children's wellbeing

Get tailored advice for to support children's interests and habits with My Family's Digital Toolkit.


Steps to complete the course


Ensure to take part in the live online training session to start the course.


Complete post-training survey to provide feedback.

See survey

Check-in sessions

Register for check-in session on Eventbrite.

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