Get kids tech set up safe

Give your child the power to create, connect and share safely online with our step-by-step controls and privacy guides.

Step-by-Step Control Guides

Create a safe space for children to explore with our parental controls guides

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Digital Resilience Toolkit

Help your child become more resilient online and connect safety as they grow

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Stop, Speak, Support code

Help them share respect online with new code for kids to help deal with cyberbullying

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Advice from Dr Linda to help children navigate the online world as they grow
Check your child’s smartphone or tablet is set up safe with our 5 top tips

Social Media Tips

Help children stay safe on social media with top tips from a range of experts.


Online Issues

Learn how to support children on key online issues they may face online.


Expert Q&A

Creating a walled garden to keep your kids safe is important but how can you use controls and other strategies to help your child stay safe online.

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Parent stories

What do parents say about using controls and other strategies to manage their children digital life? What really works for them?

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