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Executive Director (UK), Quilliam International
Blogger and creator of Our Family Life
Director, Youthworks Consulting Ltd.
Online Safety Specialist
Head of Research: Making Sense of Media
Freelance Family Technology Expert
Head of Digital Social Inclusion Delivery
Online Wellbeing Research Lead , HeadStart Kernow
A resource to tackle extremism in the classroom with this online classroom resource from the Department for Education and London Grid for Learning.
Tackle extremism and dangerous or illegal online behaviours with this online classroom resource for teachers and schools.
Privacy policy, cookie policy and terms and conditions of use of Internet Matters website
If you’d like to make a difference, make a donation today to help us continue our work to keep children safe so they can thrive online.
It is part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible through special software. Find out what risks this poses to kids and how you can protect them.
Apps & Tools
In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, R;pple gives users support and messages of hope when they search for content linked to self-harm and suicide
Help children take action if they come across content that may indicate that a friend or loved one is in danger on social media.
A new wave of video games is helping children learn about coding. Expert Andy Robertson takes you through the benefits of games like Game Builder Garage.
Instagram's 'Addressing the Pressure to be Perfect' toolkit features parents tips to help teens who are active on Instagram, to have a positive experience.
Expert Q&A
Social media has changed the way children interact and share online to support children our experts provide simple tips to help.
Together with our partner Google, we've launched the find the fake interactive quiz to help families test their knowledge on fake news and misinformation.
TikTok is a popular social networking app that allows users to create, musical clips and short clips up to 60 seconds and add special effects to them.
Learn more about how OnlyFans works, concerns raised over underage young people using this platform and what risks it exposes young people to.
YouTube can be a powerful source of education and entertainment for your child. Learn how to keep them safe with help from Pocket Lint's Andy Robertson.
The YouTube experience is for parents who decide their kids are ready to explore the vast universe of YouTube videos. This supervised experience comes with content settings, limited features, and features that help build healthy digital habits.
As a Internet Matters corporate partner EA have made a commitment to positive play and empowering parenst to help kids play responsibly.
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