Safer internet day 2016

Safer Internet Day on the 9th February is a great excuse to talk to your child about their digital lives.

Share tips about digital citizenship, learn about e-safety issues together, and get them engaged in a social media campaign.

The day is coordinated by UK Safer Internet Centre and we are proud to be supporting again this year so, join us and take part!

Play your part & share a heart

Take to social media and share your own heart filled messages, images or videos using the hashtag #shareaheart.

Download the heart signs from the Safer Internet Day page and create a post filled with something unique to you. Ideas on the types of things you can share:
Positive statements or messages

What you love about the internet
How you are playing your part to create a safer digital world
Share a heart now

Be a good digital citizen

Encourage your child to be a good digital citizen by getting them to use some of our top Internet Manners.

See guide

Making the e-safety chat fun

Download our ‘InternetMatters’ app to chat about internet safety and help your child make smart choices online.

Download the app

Set up devices safely

Here are some simple tips to set up your child’s devices safely and help them get the best out of their tech.

See checklist

Protecting children on YouTube

Mum of two Adele Jennings shares her experiences and tips on how to keep your children safe on YouTube.

E-safety conversation starters

Here are some helpful conversation starters from the UK Safer Internet Centre to help you kick start a chat with your child about how they use the internet.

Examples include:

What does a better internet mean for them?

What would they do if they saw hateful content online?

What do they like most about the internet and why?

Activities and resources from Childnet

If you’d like to make e-safety more fun to explore with your child, e-safety charity Childnet have created a suite of resources for different age groups to do just that.

Here are activities and resources for:

Smartie the Penguin for young children

Create your Digizen for 11+ year olds

You can also visit the Childnet website for more information and resources.

What are parents’ concerns about e-safety?

This article will give you guidance on how to deal with top internet safety scenarios that your child may face.

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